Stars, Stars, Stars...

...a starlit look back!
First and foremost we would like to thank, on behalf of the entire Starry Night staff, our new owners Mark and Molly Valade for their tremendous investment in and commitment to our gem of a restaurant. The full scope of their vision remains a work in progress but what they have allowed us to create thus far is still an immeasurable gift to us and most importantly to you, our guests. 
A much deserved round of applause to our tireless construction crew for getting us back in business as fast as was possible. Many talented people contributed to the renovation and we thank them for handling our restaurant with care.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
The phrase “this will hurt me more than it hurts you” was especially applicable to what we as a restaurant staff experienced over the infamous year of 2014 when our major round of renovations took place. 
So, here from where? There are a lot of things that may have been hidden from the eye. We upgraded our kitchen space, adding new equipment as well as prep areas and both a walk in freezer and cooler. We fixed our water woes, heating and air conditioning to name a few.  Last but not least, we now have a sensational near full-season back porch, complete with handcraft stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and radiant floors.
More obvious changes started with an expanded parking lot. We have new bathrooms and the entrance to our kitchen is conspicuously missing when you come in our front door.  We’ve been hard at work evolving our beverage program, procuring wines and beers that are sure to satisfy those looking for the eclectic as well as those in search of comfort.  Nearly a year after our initial renovation we added an ever more exciting upgrade with a state of the art glycol draft system.  For all our beer afficionados, you can revel in the continually cool and expansive taste of craft brew & cider!  
There are countless other embellishments we are ever grateful to have undergone and so honored to now share with you in person.  We look forward to many starlit evenings in all our futures!
Amanda & The Starry Crew

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